Welcome Simon Cocking!

BullToken is delighted and proud to announce the on-boarding of another advisor to our team – Simon Cocking. Not only does he have a lot of respect from the BullToken team, but also in the Blockchain community.

Simon has a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Digital Technology & Design and a Master of Science (MSc), Computer Software Engineering from the Dublin Institute of Technology. In addition to this he has a Master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Bradford.

He is a Senior Editor at Irish Tech news, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and other publications.

He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 20+ successful ICO to date. He has been named on 10 global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months. For his talents he received the Irish Web Awards 2014 for best Science and Technology category and winner of Littlewoods Best Ireland Blog for Digital and Tech in 2016.

Simon has worked as an advisor for several other successful ICO launches who have achieved their ICO target. Here at BullToken he has been helping with marketing, media, PR and strategy.

With the opportunity to leverage his digital footprint of 119 thousand followers on Twitter and almost 28 thousand on LinkedIn, the BullToken team is certain that we will gain great things by him joining our Community.

Simon is rated number one on ICO bench with a total of 194.2 ISS. He also has a ICO success Score of 194.2 ISS. For those of you who do not know what ISS is, it stands for ICO Success Score (ISS), and is the score ICO bench is using to list the success of a person or an agency. It is a combine evaluation of all ICOs a person is taking part in. The more successful the ICOs are and the more of them there is, the higher the ISS would be.

By now, you all know that we are getting a highly educated and wise advisor on to our team. We believe that Simon will add a lot of positive elements to our Community and that him using his network will result in a lot of new members.

The BullToken Community keeps growing and we are especially excited to have such an influencer in the mix. We are eager what the future will bring with Simon Cocking on our team.

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