Important Update

Dear BullToken Community,

This update is related to the vote recently held regarding the investment strategy of BullToken.

The voting began on 20th December 2018 and ended on 4th January 2019. The result of the vote is now clear, and we will listen to the will of the community and postpone investments until the market conditions better. With an overwhelming 91,93% voting for postponing the investments, the community has spoken.

It is not our place to dictate the truth about the crypto markets, and we shall not do so. We believe that forcefully hindering or stopping investments is out of our mandate of operations, and would like to note that this vote was only initiated as no investment had started yet. Hence it is safe to say that this vote will be the only one of its kind. Given the conditions we are currently in, we believe the correct course of action was reached through the vote.

BullToken is a community-driven platform, developed for both experienced and inexperienced investor from all over the world to invest in ICOs. Its value lies in the communities unique ability to find and decide on the best investment opportunities through a community-driven process.

As communicated earlier, we are open to starting a new vote as soon as possible, and in the light of a somewhat stabilization of the Cryptomarket in the first period of 2019, this might be done sooner rather than later.

When will BCP begin ICO investments?

Our current plan of action is to start investing as soon as possible, but no later than the end of Q1 2019. However, we are open to start a new vote in regards to an official starting date for investments if the market improves from its current condition.

We thank you for believing in us and supporting us!

Best Regards,
Team BullToken

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