Important Update

At the very end of May, the BullToken team announced that it was time to start filling up the IAB seats with members of our honored community, and now we have!

We are excited to announce that two new members will be joining the board. World, please say hi to Sondre and Rogies.

Sondre Støyva is a real-life professional investor and financial trader. His experience includes titles such as Chief investment officer, head of finance and head of trading. Sondre will surely bring some real investor-experience with him and help us spot the good investments from the bad ones. Sondre also has a bachelor’s degree in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a certificate from MIT. We believe this only strengthens his ability to really understand the core business and its business model of any investment proposal. Welcome to the team Sondre!

“The way we as pioneers set the standards for investing in the new token economy will eventually change the infrastructure of financial assets. I’m very happy to take part in this change as an IAB member of BullToken.”

Sondre Støyva

Rogier Gerharts is not only an analytically strong, detail oriented and competitively driven professional with more than 4 years of trading experience in a proprietary trading firm. He is also one of the most familiar names in our social channels, often speaking his mind on important matters. He knows just about all there is to know about BullToken, and is sure to take its core values with him into the board. Rogier is also a seasoned trader and senior manager working out of Amsterdam. He has a masters degree in international business management. We are honored to have you on the team Rogier!

I would be honored to take on a role in the IAB if the community so chooses and i am happy to see BullToken is progressing while we have had a tough year behind us in the crypto space. Cant wait to be officially part of that through the IAB.

Rogier Gerharts

With the board now set, we are looking forward to keep investing. We urge everyone in the community to join us in this process by logging into the platform at

Best Regards, 

Team BullToken

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