Important Update

It is time we bring you the latest happenings on the BullToken Community Platform. Let’s begin with the ‘Portfolio composition change’ general vote. We have received the majority of votes in favour of increasing the current portfolio composition to include more coins/tokens. Going along with the community’s decision, we are readjusting the portfolio composition; the existing coins/tokens share will rise to 75% from earlier 20%. 

Now, let’s discuss the ICOs the community proposed to invest in. In the very first voting block, there were 16 proposals including projects like Heroic, Max Crowdfund, PointPay, Viaz, Migranet. However, the ICOs that made it past the keen eye of the community and into the next voting block were only 4 ICOs – Max Crowdfund, Viaz, Heroic, and Mindsync.

Three projects out of four came to a crushing defeat in the Voting Period 2, and only Max Crowdfund was given a green signal. Max Crowdfund, though seemed to be a promising venture to invest in, and as a result passed the sharp eyes of the IAB members.

The last and the final update is regarding the investment we made as a community on Crypto20(C20). As of writing this (30.09.2019), the valuation of C20 token according to Coinmarketcap is 0,00233 Ether (per token). This represents a roughly estimated decline of 10,72% from the previous valuation.



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