Important Update

The fall is upon us and the markets have come to life with all top 10 coins being in the green. Bitcoin recently surpassed the $10 000 mark and Ether is climbing after its initial shock a few days ago. There are also a lot of other exciting actions in the crypto space impacting the investment strategies out there.

It’s time to update you on the movement in the BullToken portfolio again, and this time we lift the hood to check what’s under it. The ICO space has cooled since its initial launch, and none have met the high standards of the BullToken community. This means that no new project has been added to the portfolio. During the time of our investment C20 had a pricing of 0,00308 Ether per token. As of this writing (02.08.2019), according to Coinmarketcap its pricing stands at 0,00225509 Ether per token. This stipulates a 26,7 % decline. The underlying assets managed by C20 are as following:

CR20 Investment Portfolio

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