Important Update

Thank You BullToken Community

Team BullToken will first of all like to thank all investors for your continued support and also for your patience these last few months concluding the crowd-sale in April.

There have been some questions regarding the results of the BullToken private-sale and plans for the near future. The purpose of this announcement is to provide answers to our loyal community, who have been waiting very patiently, and again we appreciate this very much.

Meeting Our Crowd-sale and Private-sale goals

As we all are well aware, the BullToken main-sale held in April 2018 did not yield as high an amount we all hoped to reach. Proceeding the main-sale, the BullToken Community held a vote to decide if we should move forward as planned or attempt a private-sale round with the goal of increasing our Assets Under Management (AUM).

The results of the vote were largely in favor (98% = Yes) of doing a private-sale, and so our advisors from the Blockchain Advisory Council ran the private round for us in June/July.

Although the private-sale results did not go as anticipated, we are very excited to say that this will not hinder us from moving forward with the concept we all believe in so much.

The Road Ahead

BullToken will be officially launching our platform very soon!

As planned, we will begin with our first voting-block, allowing the community to submit ICO projects, followed by voting on and investing in what we believe to be the most promising ICOs.

We are very excited to begin the work of collective due diligence and are positive we will be able to achieve a high rate of increase over time.

There’s Still More to Come!

As the cryptocurrency market is a challenging and developing ecosystem, Bulltech and Team BullToken are devising additional strategies to help compensate the results of the BullToken ICO.

An official announcement with all the details will be coming shortly, but we would like to inform everyone that something big is still in the works.

From everyone at Bulltech and Team BullToken, thank you once again for your continued patience and support!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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