Important Update

Dear BullToken owners,

As a closed-knit community, we all have worked hard to build the BullToken investment platform from scratch. And we are happy and proud to announce that it is technically ready for the community to start investing in projects they believe in.

However, as you all are aware that the crypto-market has been taking heavy losses. The market has reached a 13-month low with $124 billion total cap. As concerned community owners, we wish to know your opinion on:
Should we wait for the market to improve before we start BullToken investment ventures?

Being a democratic platform, we ask the community to vote and decide. The community members can login to the BCP platform and cast their votes.

What we propose is to wait up to 3 months before we make our first investment. During this while, if the crypto-market improves significantly, there could be a new vote. However, as of now, we wish to wait till 1st of April.

Do let us know your thoughts by casting your votes?

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