Important Update

Since BullToken updated its portfolio composition, more suggestions regarding popular tokens like bitcoin has come in. This is also true for the recent voting blocks. In block 9, there were 5 projects being proposed, and bitcoin quickly took the lead. With not a single downvote, the bitcoin investment went all the way and is now ready for investment. As of this writing, the pricing of bitcoin is at $9265. Likewise in block 10, we saw Binance coin rise to the top. The token went through voting without a single downvote and is also ready for investments. The pricing of this token is currently at $ 20,5. With 10 voting block completed, the BullToken community is in the process of making a total of 4 investments.

We will keep you updated on the recent happenings of the BullToken platform. We wish that you keep up the participation level in submitting, discussing, and voting for new investments on the BullToken Community Platform.

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