Important Update

Winter is soon upon us and some of us are already looking forward to Christmas, while others might just get annoyed by pre-Christmas decorations. Whatever group you find yourself in, we hope that you are still with us and keeping your eyes open in the still rapidly-moving crypto markets!

And in that regard, let’s take a look at the recent activity at the BullToken platform. Block 6, which ran from early to mid-September saw 4 new proposals being posted. The community seemed to like Heroic, a project with its basis in AI-aided cybersecurity. While surviving the first phase, members commented that they were not willing to make an investment without more information about the project and it, therefore, got discarded during phase 2 voting. Block 7 saw similar numbers, but this time the favorite ICO Worldopo got all the way to the IAB, where it is currently up for review. This means that if the IAB approves this project, it will become the third investment made by BullToken.

Before the start of block 8, a general vote was held. This opened up for an increased amount invested into existing coins, so it is only natural that a proposal like this would show up. And it sure did. The first one out was the classical Bitcoin. The argument was that Bitcoin would more effectively hedge against the alt markets and stabilize the portfolio. This proposal got all the way with no downvotes and now resides with the IAB. 


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