Important Update

The time has come for another short, but sweet update from the investment community but first, let’s take a look at what has happened in the previous 3 blocks. In block 11, we saw a total of 4 investments being proposed, but none succeed to reach the investment stage. In block 12, we had a total of 6 projects, but yet again, none made it all the way through. Block period 13 followed a similar pattern, and it feels like the upcoming holiday season is impacting our researchers?

What’s more, is that some changes are being made to the IAB and the process of investments. A new and more flexible process has been established in regards to investing. This means that we will be able to process investments faster in the future. In this regards, the IAB staff has been reduced by 2 members. Our sincere thanks to them for offering excellent services in the IAB.

We will keep you updated on the recent happenings on the BullToken platform. We wish that you keep up the participation level in submitting, discussing, and voting new investments on the BullToken Community Platform.

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