Important Update

It’s been about 2 months since the search for great investment opportunities started and so far only one has survived the scrutiny of the BullToken community.

In the very first voting block, there were 3 proposals. Our very own Espen Moen proposed the first successful investment, CRYPTO20. With a 100% upvote rate, it survived both the periods and reached the investment stage some time later due to liquidity challenges.

In the two proceeding voting blocks, there were 3 other proposals, but none of them made the cut past the first period of voting.

In voting block 4, SavAct came to a crushing defeat with 75% downvotes. Apparently, it takes a higher level of quality to convince this community!

We will regularly be sending the most recent, important updates from the BullToken platform. However, we urge you to join us in discussing and voting for new investments.

Best regards
Team BullToken

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