Important Update

It’s been a month since we last updated you on what’s happening on the BullToken platform in regards to the investments. We are happy to see the rise in the number of ICO submission by the community members as well as their increased activity on upvoting and downvoting ICOs.

In the very first voting block, there were 11 proposals including projects like IdeaFex, Sportscash One, Ahrvo, and However, the ICOs that made it past the keen eye of the community and into the next voting block were only 3 – Global property register, Ahvro and Sportscash One.

These three projects did not pass the keen eyes of the IAB members and came to a crushing defeat with 75%, 66%, and 50% downvotes respectively. It definitely takes a high level of project value to convince this community! 

We will keep you updated on the recent happenings of the BullToken platform. We wish that you keep up the participation level in submitting, discussing, and voting for new investments on the platform.

Best regards
Team BullToken

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