Important Update

The Community has Decided!

After exactly 1 week of voting, the BullToken Community has come to a clear consensus.

As a community, we have decided to move forward with a private-sale in order to increase the size of the Community’s Assets Under Management.

Roughly 21% of all investors took part in the vote, resulting in a landslide yes-consensus of 98.92% agreeing with Team BullToken’s proposal.

The Effects of the “Yes Consensus”

  1. Our “main-sale” is now changed to “pre-sale 2”
  2. All “pre-sale 2” investors will automatically be given a 40% token bonus for total contributions made between the dates of April 3, 2018 through May 19, 2018 23:59 UTC. (To be distributed in the next coming weeks)
  3. A new main-sale will be held at a later date (not yet determined). 
  4. The burning of unsold tokens will be delayed until after all sales are completed. 

Lastly, any “pre-sale 2” investor who requested a refund before the conclusion of the vote, will receive a refund within the coming weeks.  

Moving Forward


BullToken’s trusted advisors, The Blockchain Advisory Council, will be running the private-sale for the BullToken Community. The dates of the private-sale are tentatively sat for June 25th – July 31st.

Community Investing

Investors have shown great interest in getting underway with Community-investing, and Team BullToken is just as excited as you guys. We can expect to begin with “Voting Block 1” shortly after the private-sale has concluded.


At the same time the BullToken Community is “doing it’s thing”, Team BullToken will be holding a final Main-sale. The dates are still undetermined, but we are looking at running the main-sale around aug/sept.

Thank You!

BullToken greatly appreciates the ongoing support and engagement from the Community!

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