Important Update

The BullToken team is pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the plan, and are establishing the Investment Advisory Board (IAB) in its intended form. When fully staffed, it will consist of 3 members representing BullTech, and 3 members elected from the community. At the moment of writing, only the BullTech seats have been filled up. Now we are moving forward with filling up the community seats.

The IAB is the last line of scrutiny in the BullToken community. They act as a security layer to ensure that the investments being made are in line with the current investment strategies and mandates. They are also in a sense the executing part of the community, as they will confirm and execute the actual investments being made.

We encourage anyone that feels the calling to help the community to “run for election” in the upcoming period. You should have knowledge about the cryptocurrency/ICO/blockchain market, and be familiar with the process of investments, however, the most important trait is your commitment to the BullToken cause and its success. The IAB members will be set at the end of the next voting period, meaning the 14th of June.

We suggest that you have the topical discussions regarding the election on Telegram. The team will be periodically monitoring the discussions. However, the people wanting to become IAB members will have to send us an email at so that we can grant IAB access. Some KYC process may be required.

Best regards
The BullToken Team

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