Important Update

As updated, during last month we successfully organized a soft-launch of the BullToken Community Platform (BCP). As a close-knit community, we joined hands with our investors to the help us test and improve the platform. As a result, we have built a platform which as a community we all will love.
The testing phase is now over, and we are excited to announce that the platform will be open to all BullToken investors from 29th October 2018. BullToken Investors can log in using the same credentials with which they created an account on

Join the BullToken Community Platform!

BullToken is a community platform ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’. We request all the BullToken holders to join the platform soon and interact with the crypto experts as well as newbies and start submitting and voting for ICO projects you believe in.
In case you feel a little lost, we suggest that you watch this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the BullToken Community Platform.

As always, we’ll keep updating you guys regarding what’s happening here at the development side, the items in the backlog and what you as a community member can expect from future releases of the platform.

Thank You!

BullToken greatly appreciates the ongoing support and engagement from the Community!

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