World’s first blockchain based Investment community

As a platform, BullToken helps inexperienced as well as experienced investors to benefit from everyone’s knowledge collectively and chooses the best blockchain investments to achieve maximum returns.

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What is BullToken?


BullToken is a blockchain powered investment community.


Through our community platform, members research discusses and rate the best blockchain investments.


The democratic investment model makes sure everyone benefits from the success.

How BullToken Works?

The BullToken community members can submit ICOs open for investment. ICOs are submitted through official BullToken ICO form where external links to website, whitepapers and such can be added.


Post ICO submission period, the community members will begin their due-diligence on the platform. The members have the opportunity to engage with other freely to discuss ICOs and liaise with other community members.

During the voting period, the community members mainly decide on the ICOs to invest in. The voting is not made public at this stage to reduce any influencer bias. The vote has two factors to it: number of votes and voting weight.


Once the voting period is over, the result is presented to the rest of the community. The ICO which receives maximum number of votes receives ‘People’s Choice’ award and is directly invested in.

BullToken Timeline

  • Many late nights were put into creating the world’s first multi-layered investment community, with the intent of bringing real investment opportunities to the people.
  • We have walked the walk, not just talked the talk. That’s why we developed the core functionality of our platform before asking investors for any further funding.
  • For the community to make investments, Assets Under Management (AUM) needs to be secured.
  • Developing a world-class investment platform requires skill, dedication and an active community. Luckily, we had all of that. We thank our engaging community for rapid, constructive feedback.
  • We will continue to shape our platform to be the best platform in the market for blockchain investors, and we will do it alongside our members.
  • We will continue to focus on growing our community and of course our AUM.

BullToken Updates

Important Update

Important Update

Dear BullToken community,  The details regarding the repayment have been…

Bulltoken Important Update

Bulltoken Important Update

Dear BullToken community,  The voting on the continuation of the…

Bulltoken statement

Bulltoken statement

Dear BullToken community, It’s been a great ride. BullToken was…

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"Our Problem is not that we aim too high and miss, but we aim too low and hit."

- Aristotle

Benefits with BullToken

Community Involvement
Community is involved in making contributions to all investments
Distributed Risk
We won’t put all your eggs in one basket
Sustained Liquidity
BullToken increases in value with our Community Investments
Democratic Process
The power is in the hands of Community members
Trust In Smart Contracts
Full transparency and guaranteed execution
Strength In Numbers
Through "The Power of Many", Our Community will achieve the highest quality AND volume of due diligence.

BullToken Community Platform

We invite you to join the world's first autonomous, democratic investment community.
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